Sunday Night Debates

Every Sunday night I’m a total schizo. Part of me feels sad that I wont be spending the day with the kids tomorrow and the other part is looking forward to going to the office and doing the professional person thing. Depending on the Sunday, one part or the other may dominate but it’s never fully one way or the other.

Today was especially fun because of my backyard riviera. Did I tell you about it? Yes, I’ve created my own Italian riviera (much better than the French!) in my tiny backyard…with a pool (fantastic blue blow up pool), hors d’oeuves, music, chaise lounges under a expansive umbrella and drinks (it wouldn’t be the riviera without drinks!). It was fun, fun, fun.

But now it’s Sunday night. I’ve just put the kids to bed and have a few hours to think about my day tomorrow. I’m dreading it but also feel excited about it. I told you…total SCHIZO!!

I have a shorter work week than most because of my part time schedule so whenever I get really down on a Sunday night, I remind myself that in a few short days, I’ll have the whole day with my beautiful children and time to do all the great house stuff that I have been meaning to do on my to do list.

And whenever I get giddy with excitement on Sunday, I remind myself that I still have a few precious days before I’ll have the WHOLE day with my energetic and exhausting kids and time to do all the pain-in-the-butt stuff that I’ve put off on my never-ending to do list!

You see the reoccurring theme? SCHIZO!!

For now, I’m going to forget about Monday and try and enjoy the last few hours of my weekend by popping in a Netflix movie (thanks Netflix, you’re the BEST!) and hopefully laugh my head off and forget all about my mental condition!